Automotive Performance Tuning

APT begun in 2004, when Gary Hayward identified a demand for a knowledgeable specialist in the tuning and maintenance of Japanese performance vehicles in the Norfolk area. Having completed training and with several years experience working with vehicles in a main-dealer environment and more recently managing the workshop for another local specialist tuning company, Gary decided to adopt a more dedicated approach. What followed was to become not only a success in the Norfolk area, but a Nationally recognised company with customers travelling often hundreds of miles, infact our customer base now stretches into Europe too. Our existing customers seem to appreciate our honest and informative approach, along with our 'small company' attitude.

Our facility, based just outside Norwich is equipped with the latest equipment to allow us to carry out tuning of performance cars to a very high standard and taking into account the customers budget.

We have the ability to map most of the major aftermarket management systems, including MoTeC, Apexi, Autronic, HKS and are agents for the EcuTeK remapping system for Mitsubishi Evo vehicles.

Gary is proud to have been involved with various projects over the years, including customers such as Rosssport and Mosler Europe, for whom we have mapped several of their road and race cars.

Additionally to this, we are also equipped to carry out tuning to modern Petrol and Diesel road-cars. Healthy power gains are available by optimising the vehicles operating parameters, but more significantly, fuel economy can be improved on Turbo-Diesel applications. Please click the Evolution Chips logo on the left for more information about this great service.

Our own Mitsubishi Evo 7 has continued to evolve and has become widely regarded as one of the leading Evo vehicles in the country. It provides a useful test-bed for new innovations and can be seen at various MLR events across the country. It features an APT-built 2.3 stroked engine, Rossport Garrett T04Z turbo, Drenth Sequential transmission and aggressive body-styling. It produces in excess of 700bhp and now also includes a NOS system. Look out for it at a trackday near you!!

Please feel free to browse our site and CONTACT US for any specific information that you may require.