Evolution Chips Specialists in ECU Remapping, Chipping, Tuning for Power and MPG improvement Evolution Chips Petrol & Diesel Remapping

For inreased power and improved fuel economy our ECU remapping service is fantastic. Modern engines are designed to work effectively within a very wide set of parameters. It is assumed that the vehicle could be used in adverse conditions and/or poorly serviced. With this is mind, the manufacturer must build in tolerances to accomodate this. We are able to take control of certain parts of the vehicles control system and effectively re-write these parameters and bring them more in line with someone that is using good quality fuel, such as what we have available to us in this country and is taking good care of their vehicle. Consequently, what we are doing is optimising the vehicle, which results in more power, better driveability and in many cases improved fuel efficiency, which in the climate of todays spiralling fuel costs can contribute heavily towards a substantial saving. With prices from 250 including VAT and fitting.

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Petrol & Diesel Cars Remapped for Improved Power & Economy with Evolution Chips Vans & Commercial Vehicles Remapped for Power & Economy with Evolution Chips Diesel Cars can enjoy good Fuel Economy gains with Evolution Chips Remap Seat, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes, BMW ECU Remapping
ECU Remap using OBD, OBD2, Serial Port methods. Dimsport Genius System