Martin Short Rollcentre Mosler Europe British GT Car on APT Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road
Dyno Dynamics 2400BHP 4wd Rolling Road
APT have Norfolks only Dyno Dynamics 4WD Rolling Road. This facility is available for anything from a single power-run to full mapping sessions for road or race cars



Whether you own a normal road car with a running problem that only happens under certain conditions or a state-of-the-art racing car, APT can help  thanks to our advanced Rolling Road facility. Whilst on the Rolling Road the car can be placed in situations of simulated road conditions, without the dangers posed during traditional road-tests. We can monitor the engine to diagnose faults and running issues whilst it is being 'driven', which is something that is impossible to do on the open road.

We have an 11kw 35000CFM Cooling Fan and 5kw of extraction in a purpose-built enclosure.

A 'Power Run' costs 55 and consists of 2-3 'pulls' to establish a stable base figure. All data is stored on our database for comparison with future modifications and changes should you wish to analyse your results.

A 'Rolling Road Session' costs 110 and allows for more detailed setting up. For example, you may wish to try different boost settings or alternate maps. The maximum time allowed for this type of session is 1 hour, with a charge of 60 per hour (or part thereof) for further time. Additional costs may apply for certain alterations that need to be made during this session. A 'Rolling Road Session' may also be used for diagnostics purposes, where a static diagnostic session is not appropriate.

We can also offer our Rolling Road for hire on an assisted or unassisted basis. The cost for assisted use is 95 per hour with a reduction if you do not require our integration, although this would only apply to those experienced in running Dyno Dynamics systems.

Full mapping of most aftermarket ECU's is available and takes place on our Rolling Road, from 400. Remaps are available, but are priced on an individual basis.

Please CONTACT US with your specific requirements.