Time Attack

APT's Evo 7 competed in Time Attack Pro 2008, but various twists of bad luck saw a disappointing end to the season. However, wishing to take this seemingly negative experience forward, we plan to enter Time Attack in 2009 and have the opportunity to showcase our fantastic project Evo. With its 2.3 stroked steel engine and GT35R turbo, this 4G63 motor has developed over 700bhp. The developments for 2008 included revised suspension, a dry-sump conversion, K-Sport brake upgrade and many other things. For the time leading up to the 2009 series, we plan to tailor the odds-and-ends and bring all this together into a reliable and competitive machine.










APT would like to thank its sponsors for the 2008 season for their support and look forward to the forthcoming season.

2008 Sponsors :

Devils Advocate Lap Dancing Club

Resolve Business Solutions

Exedy Clutch Europe